Electric Bikes win on ITV’s “Hard to Please” challenge

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Volt Bikes are this week's Hard to Please OAPs challenge
Volt Bikes are this week's Hard to Please OAPs challenge


This week’s episode of “Hard to Please OAPs” goes to show that not all new technologies are difficult for older generations to take up. The hit ITV show pits eight over 70’s against the latest tech, often giving rise to frustrations, but also pleasant surprises.

When 71 year-old singer Sheila Ferguson was given a Volt Kensington to try out, she wasn’t very sure about cycling in general, as apparently she didn’t ever feel the need for cycling when “you have limousines picking you up”. Even so, she did like the idea of getting a bike that does most of the work.

For this test ride in the park, she is put against 74 year-old former BBC correspondent John Sergeant riding a normal push bike. He is clearly more adept at cycling as he rides off, leaving Sheila to try remembering how to cycle. Yet, once she sets out, she immediately catches up with John and overtakes him with ease.

The experience of putting John “in the dust” seems to have changed Sheila’s mind about cycling completely. She loved “the speed, the modernness and everything about it”, especially since even with her bad knees it allows her to exercise without looking like “a french fry fool”.

The rest of the cast isn’t too keen on cyclists, so maybe we need to get them to also try a Volt ebike to get them to change their minds as well.

Catch up with Hard to Please OAPs on ITV and click on the video above to watch Sheila’s and John’s face-off.