Electric bikes quiz

Are you new to the world of electric bikes or a well-versed expert? Test your knowledge on our little quiz. Like anything that sees a spike in popularity, ebikes have been prone to an array of myths, misinformation and lack of clarity. Our web pixies have prepared a short, fun quiz to test how much you know and help clarify some common myths. Remember, it’s just for fun!

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Volt Bikes are this week's Hard to Please OAPs challenge
Volt Bikes are this week's Hard to Please OAPs challenge


This week’s episode of “Hard to Please OAPs” goes to show that not all new technologies are difficult for older generations to take up. The hit ITV show pits eight over 70’s against the latest tech, often giving rise to frustrations, but also pleasant surprises.

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Older and Wider Podcast discuss Volt

Jenny Eclair and Judith Holder had us in stitches, while we listened to them on this week’s episode of the hilarious podcast Older & Wider, talking about their experiences with Volt bikes.

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