To infinity and beyond! On our latest e-bike…

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VOLT infinity hybrid e-bike

Unveiling our latest electric bike: Infinity

These are exciting times at Volt as we prepare for the release of the ALL NEW Volt Infinity; the UK’s most technologically advanced electric road bike! 

It’s the first British e-bike to incorporate the Shimano Steps crank drive motor system and has a high energy density Sony lithium battery. These components working together with our own V-Wave technology produce a seamlessly smooth surge of power and a range of over 80 miles! This bike works in harmony with the rider like none before it.
Steps is the lightest (just 3.2kg) and most advanced system available today with intelligent power assist when pedalling and walk assist when you are pushing the bike.

The Shimano DI2 electronic gears housed within the rear hub will automatically change down to a low gear when the bike stops, so no more faffing around with gears as you approach the traffic lights! This and the power assist make for a guaranteed quick getaway at the lights when you need to get ahead of the traffic. The SW-E6000 switch houses the buttons to shift up or down on the handlebars so you never have to take your hands off and the LCD display showing various trip stats is clip-on clip-off to avoid the risk of leaving it on your bike while locked up.

Motor system aside, this is a quality bike throughout with top spec SR Suntour NCX suspension, CST puncture resistant tyres and a lightweight, high-grade reinforced aluminium 6061 T6 frame. All of this comes together to create a ride that will take you “to infinity and beyond!”.

You can view details, specifics and pre-order the VOLT Infinity here.