The VOLT™ Metro, But Not As You Know It

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The VOLT Metro folding e-bike in front of London's Tower Bridge

The VOLT™ Metro has been a top choice with ebike riders for years. This flagship foldable electric bike has seen a number of changes since its inception in 2008. The brand new 2017/2018 release of the Metro is barely recognisable from those early days.

One thing that has remained throughout its evolution, is the commitment to using the latest technology in delivering the most convenient, ergonomic and efficient performance. We also like to make the bikes look good too!  


This foldable e-bike has been spruced up inside and out. With our advanced SpinTech™ technology the Metro has never performed better.  The benefits of the ground breaking technology are felt throughout the riding experience.

The SpinTech™ BMS intelligently manages power distribution between battery and rider seamlessly integrating both to make your ride more natural. Multiple sensors continually monitor your cycling, efficiently controlling the distribution of power to ensure your e-bike achieves greater distances while still making light work of even the steepest hills.

From the battery:

The new lithium-ion SpinTech battery containing the highest energy-density power cells from industry leader, Panasonic. In addition, the Metro’s new battery delivers greater longevity and increased performance. The 36V batteries are guaranteed for a thousand full recharge cycles. Available as ‘Standard’ offering a range of 60+ miles or ‘Large’ powering your bike for up to a massive distance of 80+ miles size.

*Distances will vary with wheel size and user input.


 The LCD display

The stylish multi-function display allows you to effortlessly swap through 4 power settings or choose an “automatic” mode, all of which continually monitor your riding style delivering power when necessary. 

To the motor:

The unique “continuous-spin” 250 Watt motor ensures smooth transitions as you ride between assisted and non-assisted cycling. Meaning as you surpass the 15.5 mph assisted speed limit you will feel no drag at all. The durable and yet lightweight motor is tested to over 30,000 miles and is completely maintenance free. Silent and powerful the next generation motor is designed to outperform any comparable pedelec in its class.





By fitting the front and rear wheels with Shimano M375 disc brakes we have been able to introduce a Dutch style ABUS frame lock onto the back wheel. Allowing you to quickly and conveniently lock up your bike.

There is also a separate chain that can be purchased for £30 that fits into the frame lock allowing you to as well as locking the rear wheel wrap your e-bike around a post for enhanced safety. The combination of Chain & Frame lock is deemed as a gold standard by our partners at PedalSure who are also offering all VOLT™ customers a 15% discount on their ebike insurance. (Simply visit after purchasing one of our bikes to claim your discount!)

The new Metro is a standout model for anyone looking for a convenient mode of transport, be it for commuting or just getting around but riding is believing so why not book a test ride today?!