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BikeBiz features VOLT Bikes in their In My Team segmentThe team at VOLT™  Bikes is one of the most crucial elements to the success of the e-bike revolution.  That is why we are proud to be featured in BikeBiz Magazines October issue of in my team segment.  

What does your core team do?

Between our core team, we manage sales, marketing, press, web design and logistics. On the right-hand side of this image (see below), we have the two directors and founders James and Lyle. Our back office team deserves a massive shout-out too as nothing would function properly without them!

Who’s your most passionate cyclist?

Our whole team is obsessed with cycling: we all choose to travel on two wheels, come rain or shine. We make sure we keep on top of the latest bike tech so we can integrate the best and latest equipment onto our own bikes. We’re so keen that we genuinely spend our free time reading about bike tech and anything bike- related. Lyle cycled from London to Paris earlier in 2017 for a bit of fun, and Andreas cycled a massive 3,000 mile ride in the US in 2016.

What do you do to have fun as a team?

When we are not playing high stakes competitive ping-pong, we’re quite often competing to see who can get the furthest distance out of a single charge on one of our e-bikes. It’s a bit of a silly contest because the more competitive members of the team don’t even turn the power on unless they really need it! Steve so far is claiming to have got 330 miles and counting out of his. To completely relax we can be found at a local bar in London Bridge, with so many choices locally for great food and drink it’s just nice to grab a cold beer and discuss the latest developments in the world of electric bikes. Obviously, we don’t ride home after!

Who’s the longest-standing team member?

Besides Lyle & James who set up VOLT in 2008, some of the back office team have been here almost right from the start.

What are you currently working on? 

We have just developed our own motor technology, SpinTech™. It’s an enhanced drive system for our electric bikes which delivers amazing performance. SpinTech is our own complete e-bike system with each component being designed to work in perfect sync with the other. The final result is an e-bike which feels better, rides further and delivers more power than anything we’ve done before. We have developed this power system in collaboration with two major e-bike manufactures Ecoride from Sweden & Blix from the U.S. SpinTech is currently being rolled out on all our latest electric bikes. Anyone who wants to keep up with our latest news and product developments can follow us on social media.

Who’s the team joker, and why? 

The title of team joker is a highly contested one, each day presents a new opportunity for a hungry contender to challenge for the award. The current reigning champion is Antonio – so far twice this month he’s come into the office in disguise and pretended to be a customer buying a bike, Steve in sales has fallen for this both times which is ridiculous as he sits next to him all day long!

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