Will you make it onto the nice list this Christmas?!

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Yes, we know it’s only September but at Volt we never use that “C” word lightly, and if you’re hoping to bag yourself or someone you love an e-bike this Christmas, now is the time to start that thought train!

Last year’s well-documented spike in demand for bicycles and e-bikes meant that many people across the globe had to forgo their Christmas wishes of getting about on two wheels. And with many predicting the UK’s cycling boom to continue beyond 2023 (See Will Santa have enough bikes for Christmas Day? BBC, Dec 2020 ) it’s fair to ask whether those same dreams will be shattered once more this festive season?!

The landscape for manufacturing and fulfilling electric bike demand in Britain today is a fast and continually changing one. With so many factors at play, it’s close to impossible to predict where supply will be for those last-minute shoppers on Christmas Eve. One thing you can be sure of though, is their choices will be substantially more limited than they are now. Even today, exactly 3 months (24th September) earlier there are a number of Volt E-bikes that aren’t available now until after Christmas. Don’t panic though, because help is at hand…

Don’t worry, be happy

Want an e-bike in time for Christmas? We’ve got your back! 

Volt knows that choice is everything and we want to make sure you’ve got the best choice possible for ordering in time for Christmas. That’s why we’ve created an “E-bikes Delivered by Christmas” range page which offers a great range of our most popular models and can still be ordered in time for Christmas delivery. 

Currently on the list is the Burlington, Pulse, Kensington (Blue), Metro (White) & Metro LS.

The way our British factory line works means there are a set number of models allocated and assembled before moving onto the next model. In turn, that means there are only a set number of bikes available to order for Christmas delivery and once that number is reached, the bikes will no longer appear on this seasonal page. If you’d like to know more or have any questions regarding delivery times why not talk to one of our advisors on 020 7378 4728. 

So once again, sorry for bringing up that “C” word in the middle of September, but we hope you understand and hopefully this will lead to less disappointment on Christmas day!