The Sustainable Race – Volt Pulse beats Renault electric car on 532-mile race

The sustainable race

Not slowing down after breaking the Guinness World record for the furthest distance travelled on an electric bike in a 12-hour period, Chris Ramsey from Plug In Adventures just finished a new challenge. In an effort to raise funds to help the parents of 6 month old Alice stay with her while she’s treated for a heart condition in London, he jumped back on his trusty Volt Pulse to race a Renault Twizy electric car on a 532-mile race between Aberdeen and the FullyCharged Live show in Silverstone. Although it might seem unlikely for an ebike to beat an electric car on the open road, the Twizy’s top speed of 50 mph and a range of 45 miles helped level the field.

Chris encountered very difficult conditions with strong winds and rain, but just kept going. After staying neck and neck for most of the way, he started gaining on James Coates driving the Twizy as they approached the finishing line and despite the tiredness and lack of sleep he even sped through the last 40 miles at 18-20mph. Well done Chris!

To contribute to the #SupportAlice campaign please visit their GoFundMe page.