E-Bike Guinness World Record Broken on a VOLT™ Pulse!

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Chris Ramsey from Plug In Adventures poses next to the VOLT Pulse e-bikeBeing the first person to complete the gruelling Mongol Rally in an electric car, Chris Ramsey from Plug In Adventures is no stranger to a challenge.

This past weekend, the environmental campaigner took on a feat he’d envisioned since he was young: breaking a Guinness World Record, and on a VOLT™ Pulse, no less!

At the Grampian Transport Museum in Alford, Aberdeenshire, Chris took to the track to beat the record for the furthest distance travelled on an electric bike in a 12-hour period.

The bar was set high at 110.6 miles back in 2016. On Sunday, Chris smashed it at a whopping 180.75 miles.

His ultimate goal was to spread the word about the many benefits of e-bikes, and how they represent a viable and accessible form of environmentally positive transport.

“I am not a major cyclist, and this is to demonstrate that e-bikes are a great form of sustainable transport within our cities and suburban areas,” he explained. “Demonstrating that the average cyclist can cover greater distances using an e-bike, all while helping to reduce emissions in cities.”

“I’m not a keen cyclist, and, in completing the challenge on an e-bike, I was able to demonstrate that even challenging routes and commutes are now within reach of the mass public. Normally people would shy away from a 10-mile cycle—now, that’s nothing on an e-bike.”

The Scotsman has long been an advocate for sustainable transport. He founded Plug In Adventures in 2011 as a way to combine his love for electric vehicles and his passion for adventure. With countless successes under his belt, it was an honour to see him representing VOLT™ in his latest historic endeavour.

Chris borrowed his Pulse from the Energy Saving Trust (EST) Scotland, who offer free short-term trials on a small fleet of VOLT™ bikes. If you’re a business, see how you can trial a VOLT™ eBike for up to three weeks.

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