Electric bikes to beat Ultra Low Emission Zone

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Volt Metro ULEZ

In a bid to reduce emissions in London, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) launches on April 8th . If you want to find out if your vehicle is affected you can check your number plate here: check your vehicle details.

If you are affected and wish to avoid this charge, or if you just want to adopt a greener mode of transport, then now’s the time to get on an e-bike. Not only do you reap the benefits of active transport, you also gain time, save money and improve your carbon footprint.

London is continually improving for cyclists, with most major commuting routes now being supported with purpose built cycle routes. As investment in greener transport continues, the cycling infrastructure is becoming more and more advanced. The ultimate goal is a city where cycling and cargo bikes become the primary choice for commuting and last mile deliveries.

The ULEZ Map

ULEZ covers the congestion charge zone (CCZ) in London. The map below gives you a general idea of the size. A reduction in traffic pollution and carbon emissions in this area will make life better for everyone; less congestion, less pollution, safer roads, healthier life.

Congestion charge area in Central London
This photo belongs to Transport for London (TFL)

Is an e-bike cheaper for my commute?

The congestion charge is currently £11.50, and the ULEZ charge £12.50 per day on top of this – that’s £24 per day for most vehicles which are not exempt. This is prior to your costs of buying fuel, servicing your vehicle, buying your vehicle etc. In complete contrast, you can purchase a VOLT e-bike on finance for only £1.25 per day. For the cost of your daily congestion charge and ULEZ charge for 1 vehicle, you could purchase a fleet of up to 20 electric bicycles!

Why Switch to Electric?

The air pollution in London shouldn’t be underestimated and it affects every Londoner. Road transport is the guiltiest of creating carbon emissions. Pollutants from these vehicles make illnesses worse, damage lungs and can shorten life expectancy.

E-Bikes have a low carbon footprint and positively impact the environment at a time when the effects of climate change are widely spread. Additionally, going electric is not only good for the planet but for the people on it. With less fuel being used, that means less pollution. This will improve the health and air quality for the young, old and those with respiratory conditions. Simply put, choosing to ride an e-bike will improve the lives of others (and there are even more health perks for the rider) and make life in the capital increasingly pleasant.

Enjoy your journey

The congestion zone in Central London is where you’ll see the most traffic in the capital. It’s not an uncommon sight to see traffic jams stretching out for over a mile and no car is moving or if they are, very slowly. However, a common occurrence is seeing someone seamlessly riding their bike through the small gaps in-between cars and not having to deal with the traffic jam entirely.

Essentially, choosing e-bikes results in less congestion in populated areas and more pleasurable, less stressful journeys. There are many cycle superhighways and quietways in London now, so you won’t be short of choice when you’re trying to find a way to get around.

What do we think?

Overall, making the change to an electric bike is more than worth it! It saves you a lot of money. You won’t have to deal with the overcrowded London Underground or congested roads. You can sit back, get fit and enjoy London’s sites as you swiftly ride through streets you didn’t even know existed. It’s good for you and for the people around you.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll be arriving at your destination on your stylish VOLT bike feeling fresh, fit and happy you made this choice.