Leading by Example (on two wheels) at COP26

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Leading by Example (on two wheels) at COP26

Leading by Example (on two wheels) at COP26

If you love a pub quiz (and who doesn’t?!) here’s a couple of topical questions that might just pop-up at your local…

1. What s does the C O P in COP26 stand for?

The Conference of the Parties

2. How did Scottish Ministers travel between venues at COP26?

On Volt Electric Bikes!

Mairi Gougeon commuting on a foldable Volt Metro LS

Yes, over COP26 politicians took to their preferred social media platforms to provide us with regular updates. Twitter in particular seemed to be buzzing with pictures of our e-bikes!

Volt Metro, part of Scottish Government’s Bicycle fleet

Whether COP26 raised more questions than were answered remains to be seen, but it certainly felt like there was more global attention at this Glasgow event than previous meets, even if a CNN reporter ended up in Edinburgh! :D

What was really inspiring though was seeing Scottish Ministers and MSPs leading by example as they cycled their way between events and venues.

Patrick Harvie navigating Glasgow & COP26 on a Burlington

This follows a great initiative from Transport Scotland to encourage greener and healthier ways to commute and travel.

More shots of a busy Patrick Harvie, Minister for Active Travel, assisted by the Volt Burlington.

On the whole we’ve been mightily impressed with Scotland’s commitment to encouraging better ways of travelling. From the Energy Saving Trusts loan and grant scheme to independent charities like Outfit Moray there’s no doubt that cycling and e-bikes are making waves in Scotland!

If you’d like to find and try a Volt electric bike in Scotland checkout our Partner Network here or call us on 0207 378 4728 to book your free test ride.