New Great North Trail

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View of Loch Lomond

Up for a challenge? Cycling UK have revealed a new long-distance trail that stretches from the Peak District to either Cape Wrath or John O’ Groats.

The 737 miles (Cape Wrath) or 825 miles (John O’ Groats) routes take in some of the UK’s most stunning and iconic landscapes such as the Peaks, Yorkshire Dales Loch Lomond and the Trussochs. 

To make this epic route a more manageable challenge, Cycling UK have divided it into 8 sections. Although the full route is primarily designed for experienced mountain bikers there’s a number of smaller routes suitable for riders of any level. Each section has been graded a difficulty level, ensuring cyclists can ride within their experience and comfort levels. You can check out the Cycling UK route and different sections here. 

Volt are passionate about getting people outdoors on two wheels, so any story that increases the exposure and accessibility of cycling is music to our ears. We’d love to hear, or even better see any photos of any Volt owners who decide to take on any part of this new and exciting trail, so make sure you keep us posted!

The Great North Trail” by Cycling UK