“Do you Sell Honey?!” – Talking E-bikes with Bumblebee Bikes in the Spotlight

BLOG   dealer spotlight   “Do you Sell Honey?!” – Talking E-bikes with Bumblebee Bikes in the Spotlight

Bumblebee Bikes Shop

A relatively new member of the VOLT dealer family, Eastbourne’s Bumblebee Bikes hit the ground running when they opened in 2017. Bike shop owner Greg’s personal journey with the positive impact of cycling makes him a passionate ambassador and this year has taken the step to focus solely on providing great quality electric bikes to the people of Eastbourne, Sussex.

More on Greg’s story, his favourite cycling spots and more in our latest dealer spotlight…

Bumblebee Bikes, Eastbourne in the Spotlight

Bumblebee Bikes

1. What motivated you to open a bike shop?

As a young man I always loved the freedom cycling gave me. It was a healthy escape from life, a way to feel closer to nature and a great time to bring a perspective to what was important in life.

As I got older, had a family and purchased a house, like so many others my priorities changed and I thought my cycling days were gone. Just as Covid hit I suffered a serious knee injury causing me to put on a lot of weight, which as many know becomes harder to shift the older you get. I thought I would never ride again until I tried an ebike, which completely changed my life.

At nearly 60 I can once again enjoy the freedom of cycling, slowly improving my fitness and opening a whole new world of experiences that I thought had been lost with my youth.

Bumblebee Bikes opened as an online business in 2017, initially offering a range of electric mopeds and motorbikes. Over the years that followed, and after my personal experiences we slowly started to introduce ebikes to the range we offered. This year (2024) we made the decision to 100% focus on supplying high-quality, yet affordable ebikes to the UK market. Our new retail shop in Eastbourne opened the doors in May and we are now welcoming our first customers. What makes us unique is our long experience in a young market and how our customers get a Bumblebee Buzz out of our customer service.

2. What led you to stock VOLT for your customers?

We were alongside Volt at a trade event in Brighton, where we were able to take a good look at Volt’s range of ebikes. I remember being very impressed with the quality of the build, but also the enthusiasm of the staff, who really believed in the products they were offering. As we were deciding which ebikes to choose for our new shop, Volt was automatically at the top of our list.

3. What is the funniest/strangest request you have had from a customer?

Do you sell honey?

4. What’s your favourite spot to head out on with two wheels?

After many years inactive, and a very bad knee injury my ebike has allowed me to travel from Eastbourne to Seaford, over Beachy Head, Seven Sisters and all the challenges between. A new cycle path has recently been opened from Polegate to Lewis, then on to Brighton, that will be my new challenge!

Bumblebee Bikes

5. What’s your favourite electric bike and why?

My personal favourite is the Pulse. I am 6’3 and 18st so finding a comfortable ride is not always easy. The Pulse has a very nice riding position and does not make me feel too big. The gears are smooth and the display nice and clear. The assistance really helps on a standing hill start. Great bike, easy to ride.

6. What tips would you give someone looking to buy their first electric bike?

I would strongly advise that you sit on the bike you are interested in, and ideally take it for a test ride. By trying before you purchase you can check the frame size is right for you, and that you can fully understand whether the ebike you are interested in fulfils your expectations and requirements.

Always remember that quality and reliability are more important than price when it comes to purchasing your first electric bicycle.

7. What is your favourite poison?

After 32 years married to my beautiful Italian wife Diana, it has to be an espresso!

8. How can people arrange a demo with Bumblebee Bikes?

Come and visit our shop, then enjoy some fun and an ice cream on our beautiful seafront.

Visit the Bumblebee Bikes dealer page for opening hours and full contact details.