Cycling in the Rain… On Electric Bikes?

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cycling in the rain

So should we be riding our electric bikes in the rain……..?

You would think using anything electric in the rain isn’t usually the best idea but actually you can pretty much ride electric bikes in the same conditions as conventional bikes. As long as you don’t cycle through things like deep puddles, streams or submerge the electric components of your bike, you will be fine. Obviously we’re not saying that every electric bike is suitable for cycling in wet conditions but all bikes produced by Volt are designed for this purpose.

Tips for Riding a Volt EBike in the Rain

We strongly recommend that if you are cycling in wet weather that you dry the bike down with a towel or cloth after use.

After each wet or muddy ride we recommend removing the battery and drying the base of the battery and the electrical contact points.

Avoid leaving your bike outside in the rain without a good cover.

If possible, store the bike in a dry, warm environment away from damp and moisture.

We also recommended applying dielectric grease to the contacts and this will help prevent corrosion and contamination.

Get on Your Bike & Go Get Wet!

It’s actually quite satisfying riding an electric bike in most weather conditions but it’s a lot better if you have a bike that is well suited to deal with this. Most of the Volt range come well equipped with front and rear mudguards, powerful LED lights, puncture resistant tyres with reflective rims and high performance disc brakes. This will allow you to handle adverse weather conditions a lot better, with increased safety and thus remaining dryer and more visible to other people and vehicles on the road.

All you should have to really worry about is getting a good waterproof coat and some nice warm clothes, happy ebiking! #eBikeRevolution