Top Reasons For Buying an Electric Bike

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There are many general and personal reasons behind buying an electric bike. Whether it’s because you wish to explore new places in an easier way, you want to commute to work quicker or maybe you just really want to buy an electric bike because they are fun!

How can you benefit from buying an Electric Bike?

Ebikes are undeniably becoming increasingly popular worldwide, but particularly right here in the UK. As the British market begins to catch up with other European countries such as Germany and Holland, more and more people are beginning to see the real benefits of having an electric bike. Here are a few ways they can benefit you:


Maybe the most obvious benefit is getting more exercise. We could all probably do a little bit more exercise, but in today’s hectic and technological world, exercising is an easy thing to miss out on! Ebikes are a really easy way to incorporate exercise into you daily routine; you might use them to cycle to work or just an excuse to get out of the house. Once you ride one, you’ll want to ride it again and again!

Electric bikes are also good for people who are less mobile or lack strength because you can set your exercise level with as little or as much assistance from the motor as you want. If you like, you could cycle on the low settings or even with no power on the flats and, as you approach the hills, increase the assistance so you can get up them easily.

Saving money

Everyone loves to save money, and for most regular electric bike riders, the biggest advantage is the money that you can save over long periods of time. As an example, if you use your electric bike instead of your car, you will save a fortune on petrol—and the more often you chose to ride instead of getting in your car, the more money you will save. The cost of fully charging an electric bike battery is about 5p, and the VOLT™ 36v 16ah batteries will easily take you up to 80 miles (in some cases more) on one charge!

Saving time

Lots of people purchase an electric bike to commute to work. It means you no longer have to worry about trains being too full or breaking down, line disruptions, congested roads and expensive travel costs. It removes the many headaches and pitfuls of commuting in one action! It is literally the perfect alternative transport ( and not only that, but in large, built-up cities and towns, studies have found that using electric bikes can speed up the daily commute. Imagine effortlessly skipping past the traffic and congested roads and arriving at work sweat-free. Well, that dream is a reality for the staff here at VOLT™ and for many of our customers who have opted to commute using a one of our bikes!

Turning Green

Not only will people seeing you on an ebike turn green with envy, but you will be living a greener and cleaner life! Electric bikes are very environmentally friendly. Being green is more important than ever and being kinder to the environment is one of the world’s most pressing issues. Buying an electric bike and using it as an alternative mode of transport is not only kinder on the environment, not only will it save you time on your commute, not only will it save you money and keep you healthier, but it will also introduce you to a new way of having fun!

Still not sure about buying an ebike?

Visit a VOLT™ dealer, arrange a test ride or just give us a call on 020 7378 4728. We have a wide range of electric bikes to suit all needs and tastes!