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Tony Martin on his Volt Pulse X in Germany expedition

Tony Martin on his Volt Pulse X in Germany expedition

Mountain guide and ex-serviceman finds missing piece of the jigsaw on a VOLT Pulse X

We were thrilled when we received and read Tony Martin’s account of events leading up to the purchase of his Pulse X. An adventurer and real-life hero who sets an example to us all.

Sharing the joys of electric bikes with products that offer a great riding experience, value for money and high fun-factor is what drives us. So whenever we receive emails and letters like Tony’s, there is always a renewed sense of pride and motivation amongst the team here.

Here’s Tony’s story in his own words…

Sixty five years ago I bought into a zillion piece puzzle that is my life. In short, four years ago while taking photo’s in the Arctic I fell 5 metres and shattered a number of vertebrae.

With septicemia, a collapsed lung, pneumonia and incomplete paraplegia things were looking a tad challenging. However, having been an international mountain guide for 40 years, both in and out of the armed forces; a challenge is something I enjoy. I left hospital with a wheelchair and a poor prognosis but if 22 years in the Army teaches you anything it is that giving up is not an option.

Tony Martin inside a mountain cave looking up

Suffice to say that after a lot of blood sweat and tears in the gym I now still venture into the mountain; it just takes me a little (lot) longer to achieve. Enforced retirement has meant a mobilehome and a hobby visiting and studying geological sites often along forest tracks and trails worldwide.

Just like any massive jigsaw there inevitably seems to be a bit missing down the back of a proverbial settee somewhere? The Volt Pulse X series certainly appeared to be the piece of the jigsaw that I have been looking for and could provide a fantastic and integral component part.

I was looking for something to provide a better quality of life coupled with that which is taken far too much for granted; the freedom to roam. This e-bike caught my attention and I decided to make further enquiries. Below is an extract from my initial email:

I would be most grateful if you could please answer the following questions at your earliest possible convenience.

I. Amount of voltage required by the charger. Campsite hookups are notoriously low?

2. Will continual top up each evening regardless of charge used reduce battery life significantly?

3. Details of 0% finance availability if this option was taken?

4. Guaranteed delivery availability prior to 28th May 2015 which is the date that I depart on my next venture to the Hartz Mountain region of Germany

The Pulse X on tour with Tony at Hohenhorster Berge
The Pulse X on tour with Tony atHohenhorster Berge

After some further correspondence I quickly realised that Volt had the expertise to meet all of my requirements.

The choice of the Volt Pulse X proved to be the correct one during my first trip on which  I toured several miles each day. It coped extremely well and handled the various terrain with ease, at all times, better than myself;  very steep hills, sandy dunes and woodland trails.

Photo of Pulse X on tour

Not quite the serious terrain of my previous mountaineering days but now four years after my little accident which left me as an incomplete paraplegic I found myself smiling with true appreciation at once again being able to enjoy the outdoors to a greater extent regardless of the perpetual nerve pain.  Thanks to the Volt Pulse X which was the piece in the jigsaw that I was looking for; thank you.

Tony on his Pulse X

Thanks for the inspiring story, Tony! We wish you all the best with your mountaineering and hope the bike continues to bring you joy for many years to come.

If you have a story behind your VOLT™ purchase we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today and share your story with us.