A Guide to Shaking Off Those January Blues

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The season of excess is over and most of us are either heading or thinking about heading back to work. It’s harder to get out of bed and those work clothes feel a little snugger than you’d like!

The glitz of Christmas may be gone but Winter is a beautiful season, and cycling is a great way to shake off those January blues while burning off those festive indulgences.

Whether it’s the dark mornings or the depleted bank balance, we know this can be a tough time for a variety of reasons. Don’t hide yourself away though, getting outdoors can be a really effective way to turn things around! We think cycling and e-biking can be a significant catalyst to getting out and being more active in the New Year.

For those wanting to explore more over the crisper months and reap the benefits we’ve put together a little guide for you…

1. Get some country air

The fantastic thing about e-bikes is they are all inclusive, meaning no matter the riding ability no one falls behind. They also make off-road cycling much easier – so get out and hit the woodland tracks! Why not try a coastal path like the Camel Trail in Cornwall or the Cuckoo Trail through the beautiful farmlands of Sussex. To the north, there are a plethora of trails around castle grounds, like the beautiful Ripley Castle in Yorkshire or escape to the woods with the Keilder Forest Park in Northumberland. You can find family-friendly trails to ride just about anywhere in the UK.


2. Explore The Quiet Places

It’s not just hedgehogs that hibernate at this time of year a lot of people do too! It can be a great time to explore areas that would normally be packed out during the Summer months.

Relax with a leisurely ride alongside a Canal or take to the roads and visit the city-sights quicker than you would by foot.

If you’re venturing on unknown territory make sure your phone is full-charged before heading out or your day could get tricky! For those who suffer from ‘impaired battery function’, the VOLT™ USB Charger uses the electricity from your bike battery to keep your device charged all day!

3. Getting your bike to your destination

Want to go somewhere different? You don’t necessarily need a car to get there. Its free to take bikes on all National Rail lines, you may just need to reserve a place on the train your traveling. If it doesn’t allow reservations, you may be asked to wait to board a train with less people on board – keep this in mind! Check the National Rail guidelines.

The Metro and Metro-LS are, of course, the easiest to travel due to their foldability. However, a lot of trains require them to be covered. Be sure to check out our VOLT™ Metro Carry Bag – The bags can also help tidy the cycles away in the house or when transporting in the car.

4. Keep your battery warm

It’s cold outside! Lithium-Ion batteries (used in SpinTech™ and Shimano STEPS technology), will operate happily in colder temperatures. You may notice a slight difference in battery durability as they will be working harder than they do at warmer times of the year.

We do recommend bringing your battery inside if you’re leaving your bike outside, just remember to let the battery warm up to room temperature before charging it otherwise you can cause damage to the cells.

5. DON’T rug up, too much

Don’t be so quick to throw on that thick puffer jacket! It might be cold, but when you’re cycling, you’ll still work up a sweat (yes, even with an electric bike!). Wear layers or breathable clothing so you don’t end up damp and sticky. If winter cycling is something you want to continue, find yourself a good quality pair of padded gloves with grip and a lightweight raincoat (no doubt a raincoat will serve you just as well in the British summer!).

6. Avoid the headache!

We all know the risks associated with not wearing a helmet, yet there are still some cyclists who prefer the wind in their hair. If you don’t enjoy the restriction of a traditional helmet, the Swedish designed Hövding airbag helmet is a valuable investment.

7. No need to rush

E-bikes are one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. Being outdoors is unpredictable, that’s what keeps it interesting and fun. At this time of year, it’s important to stay safe by wearing bright clothing, using bike lights and taking necessary precautions in wet or icy weather. The beauty of pedal assist systems means you don’t have to take risks, just take it easy and enjoy the ride!