VOLT™ Partners With Hövding Airbag Helmets

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The Hovding airbag helmet inflates on a model


Do you wish you didn’t have to wear your helmet? Find them a little cumbersome and awkward? Maybe even storing your helmet and working out where to leave it between journeys is a conundrum too far?

Whatever your gripe with this vital safety wear, we have an exciting announcement that might just liberate you from your cycle helmet woes!

We’re thrilled to reveal our new partnership with Hövding. This impressive Swedish company are the creators of a revolutionary airbag system that is changing perceptions of cycle safety.

Hövding is an airbag that is worn around the rider’s neck as a collar. The collar frees up the cyclist’s head allowing them to keep their style and keep safe while riding. A patented algorithm detects an accident and inflates in just 0.1 seconds.

Hard to believe, right?

The Hovding airbag helmet inflates on a model

The system is proven to offer eight times more protection than a traditional bike helmet. Users can also choose from a variety of different collar covers, allowing them to maintain their own look and style.

Hövding are delivering a solution that uses technology to offer better safety and more freedom with a comfortable and elegant style. This really ties in with the ethos and motivation behind VOLT™ ebikes. They are a clear and natural choice for us to partner with.

You can find out more information and buy this revolutionary helmet on our Hövding page.