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Our latest newsletter is out now! In case you missed it, here are all the news that had us excited recently.

Welcome to your Volt Newsletter,
As we look ahead and keep our fingers crossed for a sunny summer with more freedoms to safely explore locations both familiar and new, e-bikes look set to remain a favoured mode of transport for the many.
Are you noticing more e-bike references and spotting more people riding them too? Whether it’s a soundbite from a radio talk show or an overheard conversation in the queue for a coffee, “e-bikes” have infiltrated the everyday conversations and observations of the masses. And it looks set to stay that way!

Check out our latest newsletter below for some of our most recent highlights, including a new bit of research exploring e-bike buyers in a post-pandemic UK…
Wishing you an enjoyable, active and safe Summer.
Volt Team
E-bikes take charge in post-pandemic United Kingdom
Will people continue to turn to pedal-assisted transport in a post-vaccine UK? This Summer Volt commissioned an independent survey to find out just that…
Tech Radar’s Verdict on the All-New Volt Pulse E-bike
Volt Pulse delivers “spot-on” results with a strong 4 Stars on TechRadar’s in-depth review.
Cool Dads Ride Metro E-Bikes (Says Menswear Style)
It’s official, cool dads rock about on electric bikes and not just any old e-bike… The Volt Metro LS has caught the discerning eye of the award-winning Men’s Lifestyle blog Menswear Style.
A Dog Festival, A Barge of Cheese and a Step-Through Electric Bike…
What do cheese barges, dog festivals and the all-new Burlington have in common? They’ve all made the “hot list” for June in Town and Country Magazine!
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Protect your E-bike with PedalSure
Get your electric bike insured with PedalSure and your first month will be completely FREE of charge plus a 15% discount after that for Volt customers.
Want to make some extra £’s with your e-bike?
We are excited to launch our referral program so that the next time your friends ask you about your Volt ebike, you’ll get the opportunity to make £50! If you’re wanting to learn more about this then click on the link below.

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