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Our latest newsletter is out now! In case you missed it, here are all the news that had us excited recently.

Welcome to your Volt Newsletter,
We’ve definitely been noticing the temperature drop in recent weeks here at London HQ and the shorter daylight hours too. Yet, for those of us who enjoy getting outdoors, heading out on two wheels in those crisper mornings can feel really rewarding especially with so much autumnal colour on show right now.

Commuters will particularly notice the seasonal change as they head into and out of the workplace. Again, there is something really advantageous about cycling to and from work. It offers a chance to destress, process the events of the day and clear your head in a healthy way.

If you’re unsure about cycling in the dark, you might want to check out a post from our archive below, with helpful tips on feeling more confident on a bike after dark. We’ve also got highlights from the recent media features, as well as some top customer photos we’ve enjoyed seeing. We hope you enjoy it too…
Best wishes
Volt Team
Recent Faves from Volt (Ebikes) on The Road
From fighter jets flying over Metros to Porsche “upgrades” and 80th Birthday celebrations, we’ve been blown away by your recent Volt on the Road pics!
Flying Doctors (and their Burlington E-bikes)
Dr Daniel Murphy shares the surgery’s experience of riding Volt e-bikes for the daily needs of the surgery within the community on BBC Radio Devon.
Folding Electric Bike Volt Metro Cruises into a “Different League”
The Metro is out on the open water in Towpath Talk & Yachting Monthly, but will it find itself out of its depth or cruise past with flying colours?!
Archive Post: Staying Safe on Two Wheels After Dark
Top 5 Tips on E-bike safety in the darker colder months. Enjoy your ride and keep safe in the darkness.
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Volt On The Road Photo Gallery
We loved this photo from Kevin so much we just had to share it! In fact, we love looking at all the photos you send of your Volt e-bikes. You can see more and share yours too at our Volt On the Road Gallery.
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