New 2020 Connect E-bike gets a “Joyous” thumbs up from Tech Advisor

BLOG   press   New 2020 Connect E-bike gets a “Joyous” thumbs up from Tech Advisor

Tech Advisor Connect Review

Tech Advisor has built a solid reputation in providing unbiased and uncompromising tech reviews. With their incredible product knowledge built from years of covering the technology industry, we were thrilled to read this 4.5/5 review on our 2020 Connect e-bike! 

For commuting and touring, the Connect is a fabulous electric bike

The Connect was reviewed by Tech Radar’s Jim Martin. Jim has over twenty years of experience in writing on technology products, and electric bikes are one of his specialist subjects! 

Needless to say, we were all very keen to hear his thoughts on the latest addition to our 2020 range. We’re always really concerned with what our customers and industry experts have to say on cycles and the technology surrounding our industry and we use it to fuel the progression of our products. It’s even better when those people recognise our efforts too… 

Thanks to Volt’s selections of only top-quality components, riding the Connect is a joy

You can read the full Tech Advisor review here