Ebike Tips Accolade in 6 of the Best Folding E-Bikes

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Part of the road.cc group, Ebike Tips were one of the first online forums in the UK to recognise the significance of electric bikes. They have been pioneers in sharing relevant reviews and news to the British E-biking community while championing the great benefits of power-assisted cycles.

Metro Named  in Six of the Best Foldable Electric Bikes 

In a new review on the best folding e-bikes, the review site shares its top six priced between £1000 and £2000. 

As we’ve come to expect from this stellar review site, it’s another comprehensive view packed with great advice and tips on finding the perfect foldable. From wheel-size and the fold to gears and motor, it’s all broken down into an excellent and easy to follow article. They even managed to squeeze in a Kenny Rogers reference (from the Gambler)! The Metro however is nothing short of a safe bet. As well as this latest accolade in Ebike Tip’s top 6, the Metro has also won praise from the likes of GQ Magazine (LS version), Expert Reviews, The Spectator and The Independent. It’s also received over ninety 5-star reviews from verified customers on Trustpilot.

Check out Ebike Tip’s full article here.