eBike Tips Share Best Folding Electric Bikes Under £2000

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Volt Metro at the Barbican

As working folk begin to tire of cold workspaces, interrupted zoom calls and a lack of incentive to get out of their dressing gowns, more and more people are returning to their conventional work environments. 

According to the Financial Times, February 2022 saw the highest workspace occupancy since the start of the pandemic, with an average of 27% occupancy within the UK. 

Considering a return to a co-working space in a post-pandemic era raises a number of questions. Will my work clothes still fit? When did my travel card expire? And, is that seriously the price per litre on fuel?! 😮

All things considered, it’s not surprising that many are looking to e-bikes to help ease their transition back into the office. And for the contemporary commuter, foldable electric bikes offer the perfect solution. If this is an option that’s piqued your interest, you’ll certainly be interested in this insightful feature from eBike Tips. 

The Metro and 5 of the best folding e-bikes review

If a Volt review in eBike Tips sounds vaguely familiar, you’re not wrong. Our newest arrival, the Volt London Urban electric bike was also reviewed by them at the start of 2022. In case you haven’t read the ‘First Ride’ review yet, it’s well worth it and features our favourite quote of the year so far, as esteemed cycling journalist ponders having “bionic legs”! 

In this latest feature, Alex Bowden compares and contrasts five of the best pedal-assisted foldables. Not only do we love that our Metro made his top five picks, but he also managed to include a pun that references a Kenny Rogers classic with “Know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em” in the sub-title! And how could we leave it there without taking a moment to stop and appreciate one of the Volt factory’s most played tracks… 

You can read more and see the top 5 list here on the Ebike Tips website. To arrange a free test ride call 020 7378 4728 or book a test online here.

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