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ebikeTips Regent review

The Volt Regent has just received a ringing endorsement from eBikeTips. This e-bike review site is widely respected and forms part of the wider network of pedal power new giants Road.cc.

So what was the verdict from experienced and revered journalist Richard Peace? 4.5 stars! πŸ™‚

β€œhigh quality city e-bike with a comfortable ride and powerful motor”

Don’t stop there though, like everything, the devil is in the detail and you’ll want to hear the details from one of our latest electric bikes…

Richard Peace is particularly impressed with the inclusion of the latest E6100 Shimano STEPS mid-drive motor system. The benefits, he notes, means β€œthe ride itself is silky smooth” and the motor delivers β€œthe power smoothly and in a very natural manner”. He also mentions the advanced sophistication of the motor describing it as β€œvery quiet indeed”.

At Volt we’re all about delivering style, quality and value for money, so the closing remarks of  β€œa lot of e-bike for the Β£2399 price tag” is music to our ears.

We recommend you read this review article in-full, on eBikeTips

eBikeTips Regent Review

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