Is 2022 the Year of the Single-Speed E-bike?

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Volt London going up hill

Being more catchy than an Ed Sheeran Christmas release, the growing appeal of e-bikes and widening audience for them makes the market a fast-changing picture. It should come as no surprise then that manufacturers are continually looking at ways to expand and diversify their offerings. 

Ebike buyers already enjoy a fantastic range of styles, tech and prices, and 2022 looks set to be another ‘raising the bar’ year! 

One trend we’re likely to see is new, stand-alone models aimed at widening the appeal of a manufacturer/brand’s range. Models just like Volt’s new Single Speed E-bike Volt London

So will 2022 be the year of the single-speed electric bicycle? Well, before we ask that, maybe it’s more prudent to ask, are single-speed e-bikes any good? Luckily, a man with an unrivalled insight into all things bicycle-y asked this very same question just before 2022 had even arrived.

Are Single Speed E-Bikes Any Good?

Writing for Electric Bike Report Richard Peace delves into the essence of electric single-speed bikes and asks what they’re good or not so good at. As always the writing is entertaining, thorough and insightful. No detail is too small as his enthusiasm for power-assisted cycles shines throughout. 

It’s a really rewarding and educational read and anyone even slightly interested, will walk away feeling more enlightened. The piece also offers his top single-speed electric bikes available in both the US and UK markets. And yes, you might recognise the wheels topping his UK picklist as it is indeed our new Volt London bike! 

Naturally, we thoroughly recommend giving this perceptive and easy to follow article a read on something that’s set to be an exciting evolution in the British e-biking story. Check out the Bike Report post here.

You might also be interested in how the bike fared in a more thorough review of the Volt London here.

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