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Volt Infinity LS in London road

Volt Electric Bikes in the Media…

With recent star appearances in the likes of Wallpaper and reviews in places like Tech Advisor, it’s been tricky keeping up with every appearance. However, there have been some noteworthy mentions, that would be a shame to let slide without sharing and/or reflecting on, so here are some of our top recent press picks…

Autocar’s 10 Electric Bikes for 2022

While cycles appearing in a car publication may sound counter-intuitive, the publishers of Autocar (Haymarket Automotive) have made a move to become the “definitive” resource for e-mobility buyers. 

The new media brand called Move Electric is a partnership with OVO Energy Firm and will cover all forms of electric vehicles. In a quote, editor James Atwood described the e-mobility sector as “one of the most hotly discussed industries”. 

So it’s a great privilege to have our Infinity and Infinity LS feature in one of their early reviews. Ten electric bikes we’re looking forward to in 2022 recognises the “booming” e-bike market and picks out their top 10 most exciting models for the year ahead. 

My London – Confessions of a “born again” E-biker 

Until recently My London journalist Dan Wiggins’  experiences with two wheels were restricted to “Boris bikes”. That was until he spent a week riding the Volt Pulse

I used an electric bike for a week around London and now I don’t know how I’ll survive without it

Dan Wiggins shares his experiences riding the streets of London for the first time. It’s a great account, with some great photos too. You can read the full Pulse review here

Benefits of Ebikes by Bike Radar

It’s a small mention but an important one, particularly with so many myths surrounding power-assisted bicycles. In this insightful article, Bike Radar details 14 benefits of riding an electric bike.  One of the most often misinterpreted benefits is price, yet when you look at the costs over time, more often than not, e-bikes will pay for themselves and can in fact offer long term savings that outweigh other conventional vehicular transport means like cars and public transport. And that’s not to mention the health benefits which are of course priceless!

If you’d like to find out more on how our range of e-bikes can help you or would like to see for yourself on a free test ride. You can speak to an advisor today on 020 7378 4728 or book a test ride online.