Mature Times Calls Attention to the Ebike revolution and reviews the Burlington

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Mature Times Reviews the Burlington

It’s great to see the Mature Times’ Andrew Silk alerting his readers to the “revolution that’s happening and it’s happening in the fast forward world of cycling”, the e-bike revolution.

In this article, he points out how it is “encouraging more and more people back onto the roads and this has benefits not only for the health and fitness of the people participating, but also for their well-being” and the environment as well!

There is quite a pleasure in cycling uphill with very little effort from yourself, especially if you are passing other cyclists on the way!

For his first time riding an electric bike, Andrew chose the Volt Burlington and, as someone who’s always owned a traditional push bike, it sounds like he’s become a true convert. He seems particularly happy with how easy it made going up hills, “In fact no hill that I tried could beat it”. 

Yet, he remarks on how riding an e-bike is also a good exercise, allowing you to strike your own perfect balance between effort and electric assistance, “you can do all the exercise that you want or need and once you have had enough you can turn up the power assist and let the bike takeover”.

Finally, Andrew brings attention to the fact that ebikes are also beneficial to the environment, allowing you to “quickly zip along to the shops to get what you need, leaving the car in the garage”.

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