MMM Magazine Features the VOLT™ Metro LS

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The Motorhomers' Magazine (MMM) features the Metro LS“Electric bikes are all the rage these days, as power-assisted cycling means struggling up hills or tiring yourself out on long rides is now a thing of the past.”
-MMM Magazine

Earlier this year, we wrote about the many ways a folding e-bike can help liberate your motorhome travels.

Now, Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly (MMM) Magazine has deemed our VOLT™ Metro LS a must-have item for holidays on the road.

The model folds in exactly the same way as our popular Metro, making it a perfect solution for transport and storage. Five power settings make it easy to explore narrow streets and hilly terrain without getting too tired or sweaty.

“You pedal along just like on a regular push bike but, when you need that extra boost, you press a button on the handlebars and whoosh—off you go at a speed of up to 15.5mph,” they raved.

Its step-through frame makes it perfect for riders of all heights and abilities.

“The LS features a low-step frame that makes it easier to mount if you’re a smaller rider or have knee problems, for example.”

Check out MMM’s full take on the Metro LS below.