Move Electric Puts the Pedal to the Metal in Burlington E-bike Review

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Volt Burlington

Last month we shared how Autocar had named the Infinity and Infinity LS in their 10 Electric Bikes for 2022 Review.

This month, their ambitious sister site, Move Electric, have published a full, in-depth review of our popular classic e-bike, the Burlington.

if you want a bike that will get you from A to B without any fuss then the Volt Burlington is a great place to start

A new and exciting media brand, Move Electric was born out of a collaboration between AutoCar and OVO Energy which aims to be a leading voice in the e-mobility sector. For this review, journalist Rebecca Bland took our low-step classic and put it through its paces.

The resulting article is a thorough and fair going over. Taking in the details as well as the wider aspects that the Burlington cycle offers. 

For those wanting all the ‘deets’, you can read the full Volt Burlington E-bike Review on Move Electric’s site. If you’re after a one-liner summary… 

a great option for leisure and utility cyclists alike at a reasonable price

If you’d like to experience the freedom and joy Volt E-bikes can offer. Get in touch or book a free test ride today.

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Move Electric