Older and Wider Podcast’s Judith Holder is “obsessed” with her Volt Bike

BLOG   press   Older and Wider Podcast’s Judith Holder is “obsessed” with her Volt Bike

Older and Wider Podcast discuss Volt

Jenny Eclair and Judith Holder had us in stitches, while we listened to them on this week’s episode of the hilarious podcast Older & Wider, talking about their experiences with Volt bikes.

It was especially nice to hear how Judith has become “obsessed” with the Metro LS doing all her errands on it. She even rode it through the Cotswolds on a 33-mile adventure to Moreton-in-Marsh, which left her with a huge sense of achievement. She seems to have particularly enjoyed speeding up the hills with the help of the SpinTech motor.

While Judith was enjoying thirty-mile rides in the countryside Jenny used her Pulse LS (which she refers to as her “white steed”) to get around town.

Unfortunately, these bikes were a loan so Judith ends up by saying that she might cry when she has to give it back.

You can listen to the clip by clicking on the image above and if you loved their hit BBC TV series Grumpy Old Women or are just discovering them now, be sure to catch up with Older and Wider on Apple Podcasts.

Jenny Eclair & Judith Holder