“One of the most sought-after ebikes in town” – T3 Review

BLOG   press   “One of the most sought-after ebikes in town” – T3 Review

Volt London close-up

Since its launch earlier this year, the Volt London Urban E-bike has been turning the heads of both the public and the media. With a distinct style and powerful performance, it’s an electric bike that is pretty unique which is probably one reason it’s caught so much attention and may also be a contributing factor for the London’s win at this year’s Red Dot Awards.

E-Bike Review: ‘Stylish’ bike that ‘conquers’ London’s traffic…

As leaders in reporting on all things tech, T3 have been at the forefront of reviewing electric bikes since they first appeared on the UK market. So what they say carries weight, and we’re always keen to read every e-bike related article they publish. 

In this latest review, tech and fitness specialist Duncan Bell has put the Volt London through its paces, on the very streets of its namesake. 

There’s no doubt this is one of the best electric bikes I’ve ridden and it’s also perfect for the city it’s named after.

The review is more of a preamble, detailing his overall experience ahead of a full review that will be published later. That said, he still takes the time to share some well thought-out conclusions based on his real-time experience with this new Ebike.

It’s easy to love but hard to steal. What more could you want?

A conclusion after our own heart! You can read the full article over on the T3 website here.