Premium E-bike from “Blighty” Impresses Manchester Evening News Reviewer

BLOG   press   Premium E-bike from “Blighty” Impresses Manchester Evening News Reviewer

Volt Connect

Based in the Peak District, top e-bike reviewer Gareth Butterfield seems well-placed to deliver a real-world review on our top-selling hybrid e-bike the VOLT Connect. Writing for the Manchester Evening News he shares an in-depth and well-considered analysis of his experience, putting the Connect through its paces!

Impressive Components Help Deliver a Dream Ride and a Dream Review… 

Impressed by the high-quality components incorporated into the Connect, we were delighted that our premium features didn’t go unnoticed in this review.  These included a Shimano Deore derailleur for the rear gears, a Zoom suspension seatpost, and a Suntour front suspension fork. 

One of the standout features of the VOLT Connect is its crank-mounted Bafang motor. This allows the bike to deliver a highly advanced pedal assist over a diverse range of environments. Gareth too, found this to be a game-changer in his riding experience.

…it delivers the power very smoothly, which makes for a much more natural riding feel

Equipped with a user-friendly handlebar-mounted display, the article also highlights how easy it is to navigate through power settings and appreciated the additional functionality. Features such as statistical readouts and battery life indicators all help the overall cycling experience. The integrated lights control and walk mode were also notably handy features that added to the convenience of the ride.

A British-Built Masterpiece

As Gareth pointed out in his review, the Connect is a ‘testament to British craftsmanship and dependability’. The attention to detail and quality in every aspect of this e-bike sets it apart in the market.

With over 100 dealers across the UK, we were pleased that The Bike Shop Derby were able to assist Gareth in his experience, and were delighted that they got a mention in the piece too… 

The Bike Shop Derby, told me the Connect is a joy to sell, because they’re reliable and attractive. And I completely agree.

Final Thoughts

Gareth Butterfield’s experience reaffirms our commitment to providing exceptional electric bicycles. We’re thrilled to receive such positive feedback from someone who is reviewing bikes every week!

You can check out this in-depth review in full on Manchester Evening News website here.

And if you are interested in trying the ebike out for yourself or any of our electric bikes why not book a free test ride today.