The “Perfect” e-bike for returning to fitness says Mirror Review

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Volt Connect Review by the Mirror

E-bike Test & Review with a Fitbit by the Daily Mirror

After too many months of being stuck indoors with that all too tempting kitchen cupboard, many of us are now thinking about our return to fitness! 

Fitness isn’t just important for our body but for our mind and soul too. We all know this, but it’s the first step that’s always the hardest. Or maybe not?!

Last week Daily Mirror’s Trevor Davies shared a review with a difference. He tested out the Volt Connect e-bike with a Fitbit. Could e-biking be a new and more fun way to return to fitness?

One of the great myths about electric bikes is that they’re considered as “cheating”. Anyone who owns one though knows this is far from the truth. In fact, we believe that power-assisted bikes can prove healthier than conventional cycles. We wrote about it too in last Summer’s ‘is an electric bike healthier than a normal bicycle’ post. So it’s with great interest we read the Mirror’s latest test on this, as they measured the calories burned on our Shimano STEPS ebike vs a traditional cycle. 
You can see how the Connect faired in the full article and review here.

Volt Connect Review by the Mirror