The Test Pit “Heartily Recommends” the VOLT™ Alpine

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The Test Pit reviews the VOLT Alpine electric bikeAfter just a short time with the VOLT™ Alpine, The Test Pit’s verdict is clear: it is “without a doubt the best ebike we’ve yet to review.”

High-quality components and foolproof acceleration set it apart from the others. Combining the “grip-the-handlebars-tighter” power of the 250 W SpinTech motor with the comfort of the front fork and seat suspension, the model “makes mincemeat” out of any hills in your path.

We found that our local area was completely flattened by this bike – everywhere felt like flat, smooth road, even when scrambling up a grassy knoll,” they wrote.

The pedal assistance is delivered only as you need it, however. With five customisable speed settings, it leaves plenty of room for exercise without putting you out of breath.

You can’t just sit back and hit the thumb-throttle with this – you actually have to keep pedalling,” they explain. “But, for each pedal you push, the motor kicks in with the equal force, giving you a sudden surge forwards and saving you the sweat.”

Rough terrain isn’t the only area where the electric mountain bike shines. “Despite the aggressive looks, the Alpine still functions perfectly well on the roads and in more civilised conditions, and we found the extra weight and grip from those chunky tyres was very reassuring when dicing with busy traffic.”

They called the full product “the perfect commuter machine”: a “go-anywhere bike” that excels both off-road and on. You can read their full Alpine review here.


Screenshot of The Test Pit's e-bike review


The Alpine isn’t our first ebike to wow the Test Pit. Check out what they thought of the Pulse in an earlier Test Pit review here.