The VOLT™ Pulse Featured on The Gadget Show!

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A cyclist admiring the rolling hills with his VOLT Pulse e-bike




Did you catch the VOLT™ Pulse in this week’s Gadget Show?

VOLT™ has a good history with the Channel Five review show. A few years ago, viewers saw the Alpine X put to the test on a 4×4 track. A year later and not only was the VOLT™ Continental featured, but the film crew used Pulse and Alpine X to record the footage!

This time, it was our latest Pulse put to the test.

The e-bike’s speed, sturdiness and handling went up against two competitors, and it didn’t disappoint.

Putting it to the test was Brad, a software developer who wanted a quicker way to commute to work without leaving him tired and sweaty. Although he hadn’t ridden a bike in years, Brad was surprised by how smooth and stable our stylishly designed electric bike was to ride.

“It’s so much fun. It’s really quick,” he said.

The show praised the Pulse’s powerful 250-watt output, sturdy hybrid style and advanced SpinTech™ drive system. Unlike its competitor, our e-bike’s power settings can be adjusted mid-ride, while the system automatically deploys power as needed throughout. They were also impressed by its 60-mile range, adding peace of mind to potentially lengthy rides.

In terms of its potential for quickening his commute, Brad was thrilled with the eBike. “I feel like I can get to work in about 10 minutes,” he said.

Check out the full episode here. Then, book a test ride and take the Pulse out for a spin yourself.


A cyclist admiring the rolling hills with his VOLT Pulse e-bike

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