VOLT™ Alpine Recommended by Tech Advisor

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The VOLT Alpine e-bike parked in the autumn leaves for Tech AdvisorAfter test riding the VOLT™ Alpine for a few weeks, Tech Advisor reviewer Jim Martin was convinced: “Electric bikes are the future.”

With its Shimano disc brakes, 250W SpinTech™ Motor and five pedal assistance settings, it didn’t take long for Jim to be sold on the Alpine’s innovative technology. Its performance turned out to be just as impressive.

Its weight gives it great stability at higher speeds, and I found it was possible to cruise along at 20mph with ease on the flat—faster than the claimed 15.5mph,” he said.

In addition to his speedy commutes on flat terrain, Jim found that the e-bike excelled on his offroad excursions.

As well as being a well set-up mountain bike, it really takes the pain out of climbing hills and letting you enjoy the downhills. Certainly, few will be able to keep up with you going uphill.”

He noted that the quick acceleration of the motor, as well as the ability to customise your cycling experience based on power level, consistently makes the model a blast to ride.

It’s hard to go back to a standard bike once you’ve felt the benefit of an electric motor: It makes all cycling enjoyable, even when there’s a nasty headwind when you’re going up a steep hill,” he raved.

Deeming his ride a “revelation,” Jim rated the e-bike an excellent 9 out of 10.


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