“E-Bike Market Moving at Lightning Speed” – VOLT™ and BikeBiz Lead the Discussion

BLOG   press   “E-Bike Market Moving at Lightning Speed” – VOLT™ and BikeBiz Lead the Discussion

A cyclist posing with his VOLT Infinity e-bike against the London skylineEver since VOLT™ began, we’ve succeeded at remaining at the forefront of technological innovation in the world of electric bikes. In an industry that’s evolving by the minute, we’ve made it a priority to create e-bikes that look and perform better than the competition.

Our Managing Director Lyle Metcalfe spoke to BikeBiz about the massive changes the eBike industry has seen, as well as how VOLT™ has managed to thrive within it.

“We are doing what we have always done since our inception in 2008, we’re building high quality, reliable, stylish and sensibly priced e-bikes,” he told the magazine. “We are constantly working hard and trying to make electric bikes better than the competition, by improving our technology and constantly pushing the boundaries of e-bike tech.

Our unique SpinTech™ technology and our partnership with Shimano have been key forces in staying ahead of the game. Upcoming additions to our range reflect this: The Swift incorporates Shimano’s central crank drive system, and the VOLT™ Axis is the first folding Shimano STEPS central crank e-bike and features a CDX Carbon Belt Drive system.


Read BikeBiz’s full article here.

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