VOLT™ Pulse reviewed on BikeRadar.com

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BikeRadar’s Richard Peace puts three mid price range E-bikes to the test and the VOLT™ Pulse is one of them.

The assignment was to find three electric bikes priced at around £1,000 that come with a 2-year warranty.

The reasoning behind the specific brief is that at around the £1,000 price point that is where you get quality parts that are a significant improvement from those found on ‘bargain basement e-bikes, which can make for an unpleasant riding experience’.

The two year warranty is important due to the expensive nature of the battery, a 1-year warranty practically guarantees the increase of running costs.

volt-bikes-featured-bike-radarRead the full review at the BikeRadar website: http://www.bikeradar.com/commuting/gear/article/electric-bikes-we-test-three-mid-range-models-33560/