BusinessCloud Media commutes to work on our Pulse e-bike

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BusinessCloud Volt Pulse Review
BusinessCloud Volt Pulse Review

Commuting can be tough, BusinessCloud Media looks at the perfect solution to make it easier and actually pleasant, a hybrid ebike. And more precisely, the Volt Pulse.

We totally agree with BusinessCloud’s Alistair Hardaker when he says “if you’re looking for a reason to ditch the car, get healthy and lower your carbon footprint, the bike is an obvious way to get to work” – why not make the most of your commute?

Alastair’s video shows how an e-bike provides the perfect solution if you feel your commuting distance is a bit far for a conventional bicycle. Hills, the long-time nemesis of cyclists are no longer a problem “ [the Pulse] really comes into its own on hills, giving you that extra power”.

He then goes on to address the security features of the bike. With bike theft being a concern, you might think that electric bikes are a big target. Yet, thanks to the built-in wheel lock, battery lock and the new “display key-card immobiliser”, the bikes are literally unusable if stolen, and therefore unappealing to thieves.

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