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Electric bikes stories by Volt

At Volt, when we sell an ebike, we like to keep in touch with our customers. This is not only to find out how their electric bike is performing and if they are happy with it, but also to learn how they use it. Many have impressive stories to tell. We have heard from people using Volt bikes in the most diverse ways and places, from the Scottish Highlands to central London.

These stories give a clear picture of how electric bikes are changing peoples lives and the way they do business. Far from just being a way for commuters to get to work sweat-free, e-bikes give many small businesses the flexibility to provide faster and better service to their customers.

Find out more about the first three chapters of Volt Stories.

The Story So Far…

Chapter 1: Ali the Fisherman

Our first story follows Scottish fisherman Alasdair Macleod as he uses his Alpine to travel across the amazing Applecross scenery to deliver his catch to the village.

Volt Stories Chapter 1: Ali the Fisherman

Chapter 2: Drop

On chapter 2 we return to busy London to look at how Drop, a wine on-demand service, relies on Pulses to get a bottle to your door within the hour.

Volt Stories Chapter 2: The Drop

Chapter 3: Rebel Rebel

Sometimes what starts out a a bike sale quickly develops into a partnership. That’s what happened with leading London florist Rebel Rebel. This Valentine’s Day Volt and Rebel Rebel got together to distribute flowers around London on their stylish Kensington.