Are You Joining the E-Bike Revolution?

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Collage of VOLT e-bike cyclists

From touring the Tour de France route to exploring the Pennines,  we’re always thrilled to see what our customers get up to on their electric bikes! People like David Whalley and his friends, pictured above, enjoying the Monsal Trail on the Metro and Metro LS are our inspiration.

To celebrate our awesome and growing community of e-riders we thought we’d share some of our favourite pictures and mentions from VOLT™ cyclists. 

VOLT Bigfoot fat tyre e-bike on the Pennines

The Bigfoot is always pushing the limits! Here is a photo from Gary Howarth taking his bike for a next level adventure after previously conquering the Pennines!

VOLT Alpine electric mountain bike on the pier in Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Kevin Fryer sure does know how to take a good photo! Snapping this beautiful shot in sunny Portsmouth, the Alpine is already a great looking bike (if we do say so ourselves) but this is truly a stunning shot!

VOLT Bigfoot fat tyre bike posted on Facebook

We love seeing where you ride but we also enjoy watching members of our community engaging with one another on social media. Like Ian Arnold a Bigfoot rider who made some modifications to his bike and shared the photo on our page. This sparked a frenzy of comments, questions and shares. We loved seeing how his customisation engaged other members of the VOLT™ community. 

Here is another great shot, a VOLT™ Infinity sent to us by Warren Plaskwa on his trip to Highcliffe Castle. What a cracker! 

The VOLT Infinity e-bike in front of Highcliffe Castle

We are on a mission to make the best electric bikes. In order to achieve that goal, we rely on our community to report back their experiences with our bikes.

Back in 2008, we started the hashtag #eBikeRevolution – now that revolution is a reality and our customers are the e-bikers leading the way!