The Time a Volt E-bike Won a Red Dot Award

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Red Dot Awards Venue

Earlier this year we launched our first ever single-speed E-bike the Volt London

A matter of weeks later and the London was in Germany, nervously awaiting the results of the Red Dot Design Awards

Well the nervous wait was well worth it as the Volt London Urban E-bike was announced the winner of the Bicycle Design category! Hosted at the Red Dot Design Museum at UNESCO world heritage site Zollverein, Essen, the awards are the culmination of a global search for the best in design and innovation. 

The really exciting thing is that the award was inclusive of all bike designs so we weren’t just competing on an international stage within the electric bike industry but with all cycles across the globe!

A Legacy at a Pivotal Moment for Urban Travel

Even before the global events of the last few years, sustainable travel and mobility was always going to be a central theme of the 2020s. Now, in the wake of a pandemic, unprecedented inflation, record-breaking weather events, an international energy crisis, and a summer of public transport strikes in the UK, the public’s focus on such issues has never been sharper. Cost-effective, clean and safe transportation has never been at a higher priority.

At such a pivotal moment for local travel it’s a real privilege to not just win this prestigious award but a real honour to have the London Urban Ebike feature the current Red Dot Museum’s Urban Mobility Exhibition.