Try Volt at the Latest Ebike Demo Weekend, Alexandra Palace London

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Volt Pulse and Connect next to London Eye

Elbow bumps, Zoom pub quizzes and stock-piling loo roll weren’t the only big trends to hit the UK in 2020. E-bikes have not only seen a record boom in demand but they’ve also become part of the everyday experience to the British public. From casual references in conversations over coffee to appearances on one of our biggest soaps, electric-powered bicycles have been catapulted into the mainstream. And they’re here to stay!

What’s all “e” fuss about?!

As we look towards a new, post-lockdown world; commuting, travel and leisure are all areas that are likely to see a monumental change.  Whether it’s a greener way, a healthier way, a cheaper way or a more fun way to get about, more and more people are turning to e-bikes to get around, for many different reasons. 

See for Yourself…

If you’re curious about seeing how an electric bike could transform your travel and/or day-to-day life, why not come and say hello to us at the eBike Demo Weekend at Alexandra Palace, London. 

This landmark event takes place on the 14-15 August 2021 and offers a unique opportunity to try out some of the biggest and best ebikes around on multiple terrain test tracks. All set in stunning surroundings with sweeping views over the capital that would justify the day out in itself! 
The demo weekend is organised and hosted by The Cycle Show, where you can test-ride for free or book a priority demo at a convenient time for £5. Whether you’re looking to try an e-bike for the first time or fancy an upgrade, we hope you’ll come and say hello at this new benchmark event! For more info and booking details please visit