Customers, Reviewers & the Media Spur VOLT™ On!

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The VOLT Pulse e-bike parked in front of the London skyline

When VOLT™ was founded, we had one clear goal: to create the best electric bikes. We’ve always believed in the bikes we’ve brought to this fast-paced industry. Believing is one thing, but the proof always lies with the customers and the reviewers. That’s why we’re thrilled to see more and more reviews and articles that validate our belief in providing some of the greatest e-bikes on the British market.

What the customers say…

From Amazon to Facebook, we love seeing and hearing about the great value and experience our bikes bring to our customers.

One particular source of encouragement is The Independent and comprehensive review site Trust Pilot. Here, VOLT™ is currently rated with a Five Star “Excellent” status from 285 verified customers (19th October 2017).

Our Trust Score is also a source of pride with a strong 9.3 out of 10. To see this and read individual accounts from independently verified customers, please visit our Trust Pilot review section.

What the media say…

Since the beginning, our ebikes have always enjoyed a positive amount of interest from the media. As our technology and engineering has developed over the years, interest has increased as well. Big names like The Independent, The Mail on Sunday, Expert Reviews and specialists like Cycling Weekly have all been keen to get their hands on a VOLT™!


In fact, if you search “best electric bikes” in Google, you’ll see articles from these names as well as others like Tech Radar and T3 all featuring VOLT™ bikes.

It’s a great testament to the dreams and goals that started us on this journey, but it also spurs us on to keep delivering the high standard and advancements that our customers and the press have come to expect!