Thinking of Riding an Electric Bike? Here’s Why A VOLT Ebike is Just the Ticket…

BLOG   community   Thinking of Riding an Electric Bike? Here’s Why A VOLT Ebike is Just the Ticket…

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Just over twelve years ago, in the UK e-bikes weren’t really a thing. Yet, two brothers started a journey that would help change the landscape of the British cycling industry. From a garage in Bucks to a factory in Milton Keynes, VOLT has come a long way since those early days.

Today, electric bikes are not only popular but have been  “Officially identified as a Brit spending habit” as confirmed the ONS. In this blog post, we will explore some of the main benefits of riding an electric bike and why you should choose a VOLT!

E-bikes + Environmental Friendliness

The enormity of things to consider when being environmentally conscious or green may seem a little overwhelming these days. We are inundated with news and thought-provoking stories about planet warming, soup being thrown to famous paintings, David Attenborough episodes not broadcasted, raw sewage dumped on the beautiful British beaches, STOP! Take a deep breath and a leaf from the book ‘It’s’ Not That Radical’. Every little helps and can make a huge difference. Here is the good news, and of course it’s all about ebikes!

1 – Ready to produce zero emissions while travelling from A to B?! Being powered by a rechargeable battery rather than an internal combustion engine means e-bikes offer a convenient and clean way to travel. 

2 –  E-bikes can help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in urban areas. By replacing car trips with e-bike trips, individuals can contribute to reducing the number of cars on the road and, in turn, reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

3 – A green, clean recharge. Power-assisted bicycles can also be charged using renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power, which further reduces their carbon footprint. As more cities invest in renewable energy sources, e-mobility is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition.

At VOLT, we conservatively estimated that around 100,000,000 road miles have been covered on our eBikes in the UK. And based on this, as of early 2023 we calculate an estimated 41.2 million tonnes of CO2 have been saved by riding our e-bikes as an alternative to fossil fuel vehicles. 


Electric bikes aren’t just an environmentally friendly option that’s good for your health, but they can also be a cost-effective mode of transportation. While e-bikes may seem like a significant upfront investment, they can actually save riders heaps of money over time. 

Did you know in Britain, 66% of all journeys are under 5 miles long?! Assuming an average fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon for a car and an average cost of £1.32 per liter of petrol in the UK, driving 5 miles would cost approximately £0.75. On the other hand, assuming an e-bike with an average range of 40 miles per charge, and an average cost of £0.15 per kWh of electricity in the UK, traveling 5 miles would cost around £0.01 in electricity costs. Traveling 5 miles by e-bike is significantly cheaper than using a car in the UK AND just keep in mind that we did not add the costs that a car comes with such as: insurance, maintenance, part replacement, parking tickets, congestion charges, etc. 

Moreover, employers offer incentives for individuals to switch to pedal power. Last year, to mark the 10th anniversary of Cycle to Work Day, a research concluded that cycling to work could save you £750 annually. Cyclescheme calculated this figure by conducting a survey that looked at the breakdown of how often people use different modes of transport for work. 

At VOLT we accept most Cycle to Work Schemes including, Halfords vouchers, Vivup, Bike2Work Schemes, Green Commute Initiative, Cycle Solutions, Cycle Plus, Caboodle and offer an NHS discount of £100.

Health benefits of electric bikes 

Electric bikes not only offer a fun and hassle-free way to get around, but they also offer several health benefits. Research has shown that e-bike riders can experience physical and mental health benefits that are similar to those experienced by traditional cyclists. Ebikes are often associated with the word cheating, however, you don’t need to be wearing tight lycra or push yourself like you’re cycling for the Tour de France! Even though the bike has a motor, you still have to pedal to make it go, in other words, you’re working out. IT IS PROVEN, riding an e-bike helps keep people motivated for longer on two wheels and can result in people exercising more for longer.

One of the primary health benefits of is that they provide a low-impact form of exercise. This means that riders of power-assisted cycles can get a good workout without putting too much strain on their joints and muscles. 

Colorado University researchers found that when 20 non-exercising men and women e-biked about 40 minutes three days a week, e-bike riders experienced improvements in cardiovascular fitness, blood sugar control, and overall physical fitness. Another more recent study from researchers at the Hannover Medical School have concluded that reducing the risks of heart attack by 40%, how you may ask? By cycling an ebike! 

E-bikes can also be used as a way to encourage more physical activity. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Bristol found that ebike riders were more likely to replace car trips with bike trips than traditional cycle riders. This means that they could be a useful tool for reducing sedentary behavior and increasing physical activity levels.

In addition to physical health benefits, e-bikes can also have mental health benefits. Riders can experience reduced stress levels, improved overall mood and prevent early functional disability, mortality. Without getting too much into the science, cycling increases serotonin levels which means it makes you happier (Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that mediates satisfaction, happiness and optimism). 

Exercise promotes brain growth, so if you want to get smarter? It only takes 10-30 minutes of exercise to benefit your brain and boost your mood for the day. Regular aerobic exercise such as cycling doesn’t just make you brainier, but it also helps prevent age-related degeneration by enlarging the part of the brain associated with learning and memory. No wonder Einstein quoted: “Life is like cycling a bike. To keep your balance you must keep moving!” By biking regularly, we double (or even triple) new cell production in our brains! 

Aaaaand sleep tight! Cycling is a great exercise form as it gets your body moving and your heart pumping. As a result, cycling every day can help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a better quality of sleep. Leaving you to wake up feeling refreshed, happy, and ready to start your day!

Here are some of our favourite customer stories to get you inspired, check out: The Wobbly Cyclist, Wesley Vernon, Lucy Neville or Charlotte Florence.

Ebikes = Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of e-bikes is that they can help riders travel further and faster with less effort. This is because the electric motor provides assistance while pedalling, making it easier to tackle hills and headwinds. As a result, riders can travel further distances without feeling exhausted or spending too much time commuting. Are you bored of driving your car? sitting and waiting in traffic? Let’s get you on a saddle! An electric bike is a fun and convenient mode of transportation. You can use it to travel to work and not arrive dripping in sweat but fresh, energised and on time, avoiding traffic and worries about finding a parking space! 

At VOLT, we have a great range of folding bikes that you can take on the train, are fun to ride and will take up little space once folded at home, at work or in the boot of your car, boat, campervan, etc. 

Run errands with ease and feel the freedom of the road. Explore further and follow your nose to find those hidden gems you never knew existed. Cycling is not only convenient for you, it’s convenient for local businesses and makes them thrive by bringing life to them!

Furthermore, ebikes can be a convenient option for individuals who have limited mobility or physical limitations. The assistance provided by the electric motor can make it easier for individuals to ride and can help overcome physical barriers to cycling.

Finally, explore the world at your leisure! In the UK, we are spoiled for choice with so many beautiful paths that just want to be explored. Whether it’s just you, or with friends or family, check out the dreamy destinations around Britain and even further afield from our VOLT community

Here are just some ideas to check out and plan your routes ahead of summer: the Viking Coastal Trail, the Camel Trail, the Taff Trail, the Tarka Trail, the Clay Trail, the C2C (Sea to Sea, the Camel Estuary Loop, the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, the South Downs Way, etc. You can finally keep up with the kids, tackle any hills and travel longer distances without getting tired, thanks to the motor assist.


Electric bikes are becoming more accessible to people of all abilities, heights, body shapes and budgets. With a growing community of e-bike riders and organisations, it’s easier than ever to get involved and enjoy the benefits of this exciting technology. Cycling is for EVERYONE and today we are lucky to live in a generation where there is a bike adapted for nearly every need, whether you need a cargo, a recumbent, a tricycle, etc. Electric bikes can make cycling accessible to a wider range of people.

Whether you’ve been inspired by Dom Whiting, a Drum & Bass DJ who moves the masses on bikes with more and more people joining on each session, Auntie Kay the cycling queen unstoppable on her bike whilst wearing a hijab or transgender cyclist Emily Bridges. There’s never been so many groups, organisations and communities to join and get yourself on the saddle, attend group rides or events, provide info on bike routes or offer classes on ebike maintenance and safety. Just to name a few: Bikeability, CyclingUK, British Cycling, Breeze Network – Women only bike rides, British Schools Cycling Association or local Cycling Clubs like Cycle Sisters, upCycle, Pedal Back Cycling Club, etc.

As technology becomes more mainstream, more sophisticated solutions have become more affordable, making them more accessible to a wider range of people. With VOLT’s prices ranging from £1799 to £2999, there is an e-bike for nearly every budget and options available like the Cycle to Work Scheme, 0% Finance or sometimes ex-demo ebikes on sale.

Did you know that electric bikes can be prescribed by doctors in the UK? That’s right – for people with certain health conditions or mobility issues, an electric bike can be an effective tool for muscle recovery, weight loss, and overall health.

For example, electric bikes can be particularly useful for people recovering from injury or illness, as the pedal-assist function can help to gradually rebuild muscle strength and improve mobility without putting excessive strain on the body. In addition, cycling is a low-impact form of exercise, which means that it can be easier on the joints than other types of exercise like running or jumping.

For people who are looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, e-bikes can be a great way to increase physical activity without feeling overly tired or fatigued. Because the pedal-assist function helps to take some of the effort out of cycling, riders can often cycle for longer periods of time and over greater distances, which can be a key factor in achieving weight loss goals.

Ebikes can be a useful tool for overall health and well-being, particularly for people who may have limited mobility due to age, injury, or disability. E-Riders can enjoy the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity, all while feeling safe and secure on a stable, reliable bike.

From teenagers to people over 100 our oldest customer is 98 and is still going! Did you know you can start riding an electric bike at age 14? 

A motor assist means that you can ride to work without breaking a sweat, or cycle to the top of a mountain without having to stop halfway, never be scared of a hill or lose your breath trying to get up there! The reality is that you can go further than your usual route without breaking your body!

Don’t believe us? Believe them!

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