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Welcome to your Volt Newsletter,


Hello all,

In these extraordinary times, we at Volt want to extend our sincerest best wishes to you and your loved ones. The evolving situation is one we’re monitoring closely and reacting quickly and responsibly to. We are striving to help keep people active while keeping them safe. We are continuing to offer free delivery throughout the UK and you can read more on our current approach on our COVID-19 page here. 

This latest newsletter will hopefully offer some welcome distractions. We’ve even got a stay-at-home pub quiz our web wizards have conjured up for you to help chip away at those hours indoors. We hope you enjoy.

Best wishes and stay safe, 

The Volt Team


Volt Pub Quiz (At Home)

In an era of unprecedented firsts, not even two World Wars could close our British pubs. So to have our weekly pub quizzes abandoned by COVID-19 has left many feeling lost and bemused. Luckily, if you’re missing your weekly dose of trivia, the Volt Web Wizards have got your back! Try our new online Pub Quiz and waste away some of those isolation hours.

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Keep Inspired, Follow Volt on Social

Check out this illustration from our own talented member of staff Toby! We're always looking to help keep people motivated. Stay up to date by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

Volt Infinity has the smart-tech edge for TechRadar

We couldn’t be happier with the review TechRadar has published for the Infinity, praising the “commendable job of making an aesthetically pleasing machine”. 

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The new Volt E-bike "matchmaker"

We’re all different when it comes to cycling. That's why we launched a matchmaker that matches people with the best electric bike for them.
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Volt On The Road Photo Gallery
We love to see what our fellow Volt cyclists get up to with their e-bikes. That's why we're launching a new image gallery on our website where people can display photos of their electric bike adventures. If you have any pictures that you'd like to add to this page, please email it to us on [email protected]
Protect your E-bike with PedalSure

Get your electric bike insured with PedalSure and your first month will be completely FREE of charge plus a 15% discount after that for Volt customers.

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Want to make some extra £'s with your e-bike?

We are excited to launch our referral program so that the next time your friends ask you about your Volt ebike, you'll get the opportunity to make £50! If you're wanting to learn more about this then click on the link below. 

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