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Test Ride outside Volt Office

Living amidst the picturesque landscapes of the South Downs National Park is a dream for many, but those challenging hills can be a deterrent for even the most enthusiastic cyclists. Enter electric bikes, the game-changers that promise to revolutionise family outings. In a recent review, The Telegraph’s Victoria Lambert recounts her experience with three VOLT models: the Pulse LS, the London, and the Infinity…

The Pulse LS: Easy Rider for Every Terrain

Victoria began her journey with the Pulse LS, weighing in at 21.5kg and priced at £1,949. With puncture-resistant Schwalbe tyres and an assistance speed of up to 15.5mph, it proved to be a versatile companion. Boasting a Panasonic 36v Standard Lithium Polymer Battery, it offers an impressive range of up to 60 miles, extendable to 80 miles. An optional GPS tracking device adds an extra layer of convenience.

The London: Urban Elegance in Motion

Her daughter opted for the London. Living up to its name with a design tailored for city life. It matches the Pulse with a top assist speed of 15.5mph and a 60-mile range. Its simplicity and agility make it an ideal choice for navigating busy streets.

The Infinity: Pinnacle of a Tech Marvel

Finally, the husband chose the Infinity (£2,999) boasting a 250w Shimano Steps E6100 crank drive motor and Shimano Alfine DI-2 8-speed internal hub electronic gears, setting it apart as the most advanced electric bike on the UK market. Weighing 21kg, it promises a smooth and intelligent ride, elevating the cycling experience to new heights.

The Electric Boost: A Game-Changer

Engaging the electric charge transforms the cycling experience, blurring the line between effort and ease. The gears, though present, take a backseat as the surge of power propels you forward. The mother and leader of the group likened it to riding a skittish horse that becomes a paragon of stability once mounted.

A Majestic Ride through Fields and Streets

The e-bikes excelled in diverse terrains. Bumps in the road didn’t disengage the power, and ascending steep hills was a breeze with a well-timed press of the power button. Victoria noted a newfound respect for traffic, acknowledging the ebike’s comparable speed.

Charging Made Simple

Charging the bikes proved to be a hassle-free process. The streamlined battery fits seamlessly into the frame and can be conveniently attached to the charge cable at home. The speed of the process was an added bonus.

Conclusion: A Perfect Fit for the Right Family

While these e-bikes are undeniably exquisite, fast, and eco-friendly… Ultimately, the review sheds light on the evolving landscape of cycling and how e-bikes are redefining family outings in scenic locales like the South Downs National Park. In the end, the experience with VOLT Bikes left a lasting impression, illustrating the potential of e-bikes to bring families closer to nature, one electrifying ride at a time.

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