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David Snelling on Volt Alpine

From the South Downs to the Cairngorms National Park, if you wander anywhere near a mountain bike trail it won’t be long before you notice an electric mountain bike (eMTB). Or will you?! Today’s evolution of power-assisted off-road cycles is more sophisticated and more stylish than ever. So sleek in fact, you might not even notice. 

Discovering the Magic of the eMTB in the Express

We are thrilled to share this latest review from David Snelling, Technology Editor at the Daily Express, who embarked on a journey through some of the UK’s toughest terrains on our best-selling eMTB, the VOLT Alpine

Snelling’s initial scepticism about electric bicycles soon turned into a revelation once he found himself in the saddle, shedding light on the true potential and benefits of e-biking.

Changing Perspectives

Ebikers have been called every name under the sun including “cheaters” and that they couldn’t never provide a genuine workout. However, Snelling’s experience with the Alpine around the scenic and challenging roads of the Scottish Highlands, completely transformed his view.

Picturesque E-biking in the Toughest Environments 

The Newhall Mains Hotel, a picturesque retreat near Inverness, now offers guests the opportunity to explore the breathtaking Black Isle on our electric mountain bikes. This setting provided David with the perfect backdrop to experience their power and versatility.

In his article, he highlights several key features:

  • SR Suntour Tapered Suspension: Ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rugged terrain.
  • 27.5” Wheels with Maxxis Ikon Tyres: Provide excellent grip and stability.
  • Tektro Hydraulic Safety “Power Cut” Brake Levers: Offer reliable stopping power.
  • Shimano Alivio 8-Speed Gears: Allow for easy and efficient gear changes.

One of the standout features is the powerful, seamless, removable battery. Riders can choose between various power modes, ranging from no assistance to a maximum boost. This flexibility allows for a customizable riding experience, balancing effort and assistance to suit individual preferences and the demands of the terrain.

A Heart-Pumping Adventure

Throughout his four-hour trek, his heart rate rarely dipped below 100 bpm, demonstrating that e-bikes can indeed provide a solid workout. The ability to switch between power modes ensured that he could tackle challenging hills and extend his ride without getting himself or the battery exhausted. After covering over 30 miles of tough terrain, he still had more than 50% of the battery power remaining, validating our claim of a 60-mile range on a full charge.

Comfort and Cost

David found the VOLT Alpine to be a delight to ride, praising its comfort and the balance of power it offers. However, he acknowledged that the price might be a barrier for some, with the model starting at £2,299. To make our bikes more accessible, we offer monthly interest-free payments and a subscription service starting at just £3.36 per day.

Embracing the Revolution

David Snelling’s journey with us has turned him from a sceptic into a believer. He now understands the appeal, recognising that they can still provide a good workout while making cycling more enjoyable and accessible. His experience underscores the versatility and potential of e-bikes to open up new possibilities for riders of all levels.

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