Infinity E-bike Reviews & Some Seasonal Cycling Inspiration

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Volt E-bike next to cherry blossoms

Goodbye dark, cold winter days, hello Spring!

Yes, last weekend the UK sprung forward into British Summer Time! We may have lost an hour in bed :( but these longer days make it all worthwhile. 

Now what about making the best of this Easter and the arrival of spring by taking your Volt bike for a spin. We are spoiled for choice, the British countryside is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with its rolling hills, lush green fields, and diverse array of flora and fauna.

 Spring is a particularly magical time of year when the countryside bursts into a riot of colours with the blooming of a wide variety of flowers and trees. 

Wherever you are in the country, you’re likely to be just a pedal away from a natural beauty spot. Whether it’s the stunning Daffodils in areas like the Lake District and Welsh countryside. Or a beautiful carpet of bluebells in a local wood. The cherry blossom trees in nearby parks and public gardens. There’s so much to be enjoyed and travelling by electric bike allows you to take in that much more! 

Share your favourite springtime e-biking spot and send a selfie with your Volt Bike to Volt on the Road.

With a distance guide of over 90 miles on one charge, the Volt Infinity and Infinity LS will certainly get you out exploring (or maybe “eggs-ploring”?!) further than ever before. 

With a new sleek design, these upgraded versions are both powered by a Shimano crank drive motor and the intelligence of the Shimano internal hub electronic gears, providing a smooth and sophisticated ride that is second to none. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the “eggs-perts” 😂 had to say… 

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