Men’s Fitness 5 Star VOLT London E-bike Review

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VOLT London with Canary Wharf skyline

Last week we shared our delight at topping the Men’s Fitness’ Best Electric Bikes for 2024 list and being awarded “Best on test” among some very stiff competition.

Today we’re additionally thrilled to share the Men’s Fitness full review of the VOLT London electric bike review. 

5 out of 5 for the London Electric Bike Review

In this latest review of the VOLT London e-bike, journalist Ryan Hall puts it through its paces. 

With some clever design features including a torque sensor, the Volt London e-bike is much more than your average electric commuter…

Breaking it down and pouring over the detail, Hall’s review explores the design, performance and components of this urban/commuter ebike. 

The London was one of the first power-assisted cycles to feature a single-speed drive train, which is also highlighted for its clever integration with the intuitive pedal assist system. 

In an environment where you’d otherwise be changing gear frequently, the single-speed drivetrain and torque-sensitive motor combination makes perfect sense.

In short, the London racks up an awesome score of 5 out of 5 in this deep dive ebike review. You can read the full Men’s Fitness review here or download ebike article PDF:

Why should you ride an e-bike? 

In addition to their recent reviews, Men’s Fitness have also published an article which lays out why people might want to buy and use an electric bike. In it, they reference the VOLT London’s smart pedal assist system as well. The article also tackles that classic backseat driver question “are e-bikes cheating?”. You can read their insightful answer and full article ‘Why You Should Ride An E-bike’ here.