Metro, Alpine & Pulse Reviewed in Electric Bike Magazine

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The Electric Bike magazine’s Peter Eland provided a thorough review of our Metro, Alpine & Pulse E-Bikes.


Peter said of the Metro that as far as electric bikes go despite the huge battery capacity it was a light weight bike. If its a electric folding bike with an emphasis on good working quality the Metro is a strong option.

Read the full review here: /images/press/Electric-Bike-Mag.pdf 


In regards to the Alpine Peter had this to say “On-road the Alpine was a rather lively performer, the motor assist pushing you up to speed quickly and smoothly. Using it for commuting was fun too, the wide bars and suspension really do make you feel you can just bounce over potholes”. The Alpine is a fine choice for rough or off-road use according to Mr Eland.


Read the full review here: /images/press/Electric-bike-magazine-edition6-Volt-Alpine.pdf


Last but certainly not least the VOLT Pulse overall was an easy bike to use and pulls away well on the road, at £1299 the Pulse is in the mid range of UK prices but has good components and affordable spares and with a two years warranty its well worth adding to any shortlist.


Read the full review here: /images/press/Electric-bike-magazine-edition5-Volt-Pulse.pdf